We live in a world of hashtags, and what better way to feature the places you’ve been than to acknowledge our favorite photos from the #travelphotoawards hashtag contest. We picked the best ones and are featuring them here. Stay tuned for our next #travelphotoawards contest!


Congratulations Light Hunters Photography!


2nd & 3rd Place

Dylan Steward & Edward Tao

@travelingnextlevel @edward.wanderer


TPA Winners Gallery



Light Hunters Photography // @lighthuntersphotography


“This picture is jaw dropping! I could almost breathe in the fresh air of the Italian Alps from here. I was thoroughly impressed with the richness of color and the depth of landscape. It’s astonishing, yet tranquil, and goes to show there’s more to summer adventures than the beach.”

— TPA Director of Photography



Second Place

Dylan Stewart @travelingnextlevel

Third Place

Edward Tao @edward.wanderer

Notable Mentions